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Nation’s Favorite Pastime: Sabong Tambayan (SABONGARENAS)

Sabong Tambayan
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Sabong as we all know is the nation’s favorite pastime, avid sabong spectators can spend hours--even a whole day in a cockpit arena. Memes are circulating in social media about Sabong being more important to family man than their family, this isn’t just a normal bloodsport--it became a part of the Filipino culture. As we all know how Sabong works, two gamecocks or fighting roosters are placed in an enclosed arena called ‘cockpit’, and then as the two roosters fight for their survival, the match will only be decided when one falls to the ground, unable to move, and slowly getting close at death’s door. This particular scene would just be an ordinary sighting that would make grown men scream their lungs out, but for the fighting roosters who lost, this is the end for them and they have served their purpose. One thing’s for sure, Sabong brings everyone together. This event is one of the few events that make the rich and the poor join together in supporting their respective bets. These sabong events are important to the sabong aficionados because of two different reasons. For the rich, it’s for pure entertainment and a stress reliever from their luxurious day jobs. But for the poor, this is their way of survival in life, hoping that luck will be on their side so they could provide for their families. All in all, it’s what makes the sport one of the most glorified sports in the Philippines. Sabong Tambayan: A way of life Given the fact that Sabong is one of the most patronized sports in the Philippines, a question pops amidst the extreme obsession over Sabong, why do Filipinos love Sabong so much? In this Sabong Tambayan, all about Sabong will be discussed as we dig deeper into this burning passion of Filipinos over Sabong and why does Filipino love it so much. To put things into perspective, Sabong is a sports betting game, it involves money--a surprisingly huge amount of money that goes around in this industry. And the fact that there’s money in this industry is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are patronizing the sport. As for rich people, playing sabong or putting bets on gamecocks is merely a hobby, pastime, something that they can waste their money on, as long as it gives them the adrenaline rush and it entertains them, they will keep on putting out huge amounts of money and play. But it’s a whole different world when it comes to the poor who play this centuries old sports betting game. For them, it’s their way of life, a ticket to survival, hoping that their bets will earn them some easy money that will put food on the table of their families. That’s why even though Sabong events would last for almost the whole day, the crowd and the people in the arenas never seem to lessen. Two words that could describe the arenas for people who spend countless hours in these arenas are Sabong Tambayan, the mere fact that they stay in these arenas for hours hoping that they could win money for their loved ones shows how resilient and resourceful Filipinos are.


Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan Sabong Tambayan

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Tara sabong tambayan
Mukhang gusto ko makitambay dito sa sabong tambayan na ito ahh.
guest review 7/23/2021, 9:07:01 AM
Sabong tambayan ng lahat
Alright. No need for cockpits!! Thank you very much sabong arenas.
guest review 6/11/2021, 9:22:34 PM

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