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Choose the Best: Online Sabong Sites List
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The Best Sites For Sabong Online Betting 2021 (Sabong Arena)

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Cockfighting or ‘sabong’ in the Philippines is a popular game among locals that are hosted in varying formats and different locations. A blood sport between two cocks, sabong sports, acts as an entertainment, a past time, and even a betting opportunity for many enthusiasts. And thanks to the growing popularity of online sportsbooks in the Philippines, sabong online betting is now available which promotes a more convenient way to watch and bet on cockfighting. With sabong online betting, you no longer need to visit a local cockpit or attend illegal cockfighting or ‘tupada’. All you need to do is to register an account with a registered bookmaker and bet on the sport. Although the idea of betting on sports is straightforward, cockfighting in the Philippines has peculiar characteristics. The game is deeply cultural, and sabong Pinoy features some unique rules and protocols. So, read on and find out how you can enjoy sabong online betting and discover the reasons that make it different. How the Game Works In the Philippines, different sports arenas host the games on special days. These are regulated by the local governments which means that you can participate and bet on sabong sports live without worrying about the authorities. There are also some makeshift locations or ‘tupada’ where you can watch cockfighting and bet on the outcomes. However, these are unregistered and unregulated, there’s a big chance that the authorities will stop and confiscate the bets. In sabong online betting, two fighting cocks are pitted against each other. The handlers of the cocks are allowed to survey the competition and to find which among the participants can serve as an able opponent. It’s normal to find handlers inspecting and observing the different entries in terms of breeding, stance, weight, head size, plumage quality, and the overall ‘gameness’ of the cock. Once a pairing has been confirmed, the ‘kristos’ or game judges take over. Here’s an interesting trivia about sabong online betting: they are called ‘kristo’s because they often spread out their arms like Christ when taking in bets. They are tasked to take on bets and hand signals are used to confirm the bets submitted by players. Meron o Wala- The Art of Sabong Online Betting In a cockpit, the owners and cocks are assigned in one of two sides- the ‘meron’ for the moneyed bettors and favored cocks and the ‘wala’ for the underdog. After the customary betting and announcement of the rules, the fighting cocks start to play. In the actual cockpit, the crowd can go noisy and the game is more exciting. It’s common to hear shouts for every charge and slash made by the gamecocks. At the end of the game, it’s the job of the ‘sentensyador’ or referee to pick up the cock. The victorious fighting cock then pecks twice on the defeated opponent, and when the pecks are returned, a winner is declared. Winnings are then paid to lucky bettors who managed to pick the right cock. There are instances too when a tie or ‘tabla’ happens. In sabong Philippines, a tie happens when both fighters die, they end up disabled by wounds, or if after nine minutes, neither one managed to inflict a lethal slash. Learn the Terms and Its Betting Odds However, when it comes to the betting odds used, sabong online betting uses a different system. Here’s a look at some of the popular sabong nation live odds used in popular betting sites: * ‘Parehas’: Even odds * ‘Lo Dies’: Your $100 wager wins $125 or a wager of $200 becomes $250 * ‘Walo-anim’: A $400 wager becomes $550 or your $800 becomes $1100. * ‘Onse’:  A $400 wager becomes $550. * ‘Tres’: A $1000 wager wins $1500. * ‘Sampu-anim’: A $600 wager wins $1000, * ‘Doblado’: This means to double, so your $1,000 becomes $2,000. To be successful in sabong online betting, you’ll need to have a background in these terms and the way the game is played. If you’re a beginner, you’ll face difficulty in betting if you’re not familiar with the betting terms and its order of play. Once all this information is covered, then placing your bet in sabong bets betting sites is simple. Just log in to your account, pick your fighting cock and if it wins, you’re paid according to the odds and your wager. Legal Status of Sabong in the Philippines Sabong has a rich history in the Philippines and it’s already part of the culture. According to historians, locals have been playing and betting on cockfighting even before the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan and his team in 1521. Today, cockfighting is still popular leisure and past time, and the regulated games are often hosted during special events like fiestas and holidays. There are world-class derbies too that are often hosted in major arenas in different parts of the country. However, some laws prohibit the game. Operators who want to host derbies and accept bets must apply for a license or approval to operate. The law, at least on paper, also prohibits online betting that covers cockfighting Philippines games. But this doesn’t stop many players and enthusiasts from checking out sabong online betting. e-Sabong outlets in the Philippines are getting popular but these are operating within the ‘grey area’. But if you’re passionate about the game and want to stay on the safe side, then consider the licensed and regulated cockfighting Philippines derbies hosted by big companies or the cockfighting Philippines games that are approved during holidays.

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