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Nerves and Veins - Gamecocks Behavior Explained (Sabong Arena)

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Have you ever wondered why gamecocks feel much pain during moulting and seem not mind getting slashed during the fight? Chickens don’t have a well-defined nervous system. Their main nerves which connect to the brain run along the spinal column and into the tissues and internal organs. However, the more sensitive nerve endings are located on the skin, specifically, on the feather follicles. During moulting, the follicles are exposed since they shed their feathers, and new (pin) feathers are starting to form. A slight pressure upon these follicles will activate the nerves and trigger a chain reaction of pain for the rooster. In this connection, a slight cut on the scales right on the skin inside of the joint of the shank and legs, pain will almost be unbearable. That is why some cocks quit when only a slight slash on this part of the leg is made. Also, some inbred fowl develop hypersensitivity on the skin that eve a shallow wound on the skin can make them run or get shocked. In contrary, the meaty portions of the body (the breast and thighs) of the chicken don’t’ have these sensitive nerves. Even if the muscles are cut deep, pain is not detected. The brain will continue giving signals for the muscle to contract or flex, but if the tissues are already cut, movement is limited. When a cut penetrates the back of the rooster, some internal organs may be damaged, but the fowls does not realize this. They will continue fighting even before they are about to die. If the main nerve in the spinal column is hit, the rooster will be paralyzed. As with the nerves, the circulatory system of chickens or its network of veins and arteries it also not well-defined in the meaty portions. You must have seen with gaping wounds on the breast but blood does not ooze profusely. This means that no main artery was hit by the opponent. The internal organs (the lungs, heart or intestines) can bleed a lot when hit and result to internal hemorrhage of clog the esophagus. The opponent will only able to affect this if your rooster allows his back shuffled at. That is why we don’t like duckers among our fighters.

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