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Private Sabong International: Meet the Warriors (Sabong News)

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Private Sabong International
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Private Sabong International is obviously the biggest sports betting game in the Philippines right now. Dubbed as a ‘billion-dollar industry’, the famous bloodsport has no intentions of slowing down. Last year, the COVID-19 virus struck the world and paused the lives of everyone, with unavoidable changes and adjustments needed to be made, the sabong industry made its transition online, thus, the birth of Private Sabong International (or commonly known as Online Sabong). With all the buzz that has been going around social media about Private Sabong International, we should also know our warriors aka the gamecocks so we could bet more efficiently in Private Sabong International matches and find the gamecock that can really bring us luck as we start our journey in playing the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines today. Meet the Warriors: A short guide on the best fighters in the cockpit The Clarets The Claret bloodline is one of the classic and famous breeds in all fighting roosters. These Claret roosters are one of the most reliable gamecocks that there is in the game that’s why there are one of the favorite breeds by sabong enthusiasts, to go along with their reliability in the fight game, the one thing that really stands out and makes them special is that the Claret bloodline can fight and match up with any gamecock that there is. As to their fighting style, Clarets are known to be very accurate cutters, they also deemed as one of the fastest and most clever bloodlines in the Private Sabong International fighting game. To go along with their speed and high IQ moves in the cockpit, they are also very aggressive and fight with hard-hitting single strokes. Imagine having a gamecock with high IQ, aggressive, and accurate attackers, as a sabong enthusiast, you just couldn’t ask for more. The Whitehackle Tagged as the most beautiful gamecock in the history of the Private Sabong International fight game. Same with the Claret bloodline, the Whitehackle is also a classic bloodline of roosters, along with that, they are known to breed strong hitting fighters. A normal Whitehackle rooster would weigh an average of 2 to 2.4 kilograms, they are categorized as medium stationed fighting cocks. Seeing a Whitehackle in action will put you in awe as these roosters are the most beautiful in the game especially when they are in action. Their fighting style is similar to the Clarets, as they are regarded as ring generals, their moves are calculated and clever, given their quickness, they can engage their enemy from any position in the cockpit. They are also hard hitters as they are known to have deadly cutting attacks that can easily take out opponents with just a single blow. The Albany Considered as the perfect crossbreed for the Lemon and Kelso, the Albany bloodline is also one of the best cutters in the Private Sabong International fight game. But Albany roosters are different from the roosters mentioned earlier, Albany roosters are known for their counterattacks, they tend to wait for their opponents to make their first move and strike first before they counterattack, given that they are one of the best cutters in the game, Albany roosters’ counterattack is dubbed as one of the most lethal counters in the fight game today. It’s really surprising to know that there are a lot of bloodlines of roosters in the Private Sabong International fight game, and with their differences, it’s what makes the game so interesting that’s why even though this game goes back hundreds of years, it still maintained it standing as the nation’s favorite past time and the best sports betting event in the Philippines. To catch these warriors aka gamecocks in action, check out and create your account. Join the hype, play Private Sabong International. See you!

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Private Sabong International Private Sabong International Private Sabong International Private Sabong International

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