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Since this pandemic started, watching live streams has been a trend in the social media world. With the pandemic in full effect, watching live streams has been the go-to pastime activity for most people who are stuck in their homes. Mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile and Mobile legends have been the biggest trend during this pandemic, with no place to go, everyone has been stuck to their phones playing mobile games, and when these popular personalities appeared in streaming, everyone hopped on the bandwagon, making streamers the go-to entertainer of this pandemic. As the pandemic continues, countless trends appeared in Social Media, one of which is Sabong Live Online.

With the transition from the actual Sabong to Sabong Live Online, everyone seems to be interested in the game because numerous Social Media Influencers began posting pictures of them playing Sabong Live Online, but what really caught everyone’s attention was the huge amount of money you can win by playing Sabong Live Online. When the Social Media Influencers started to show off their massive stash of money claiming that they got it from playing Sabong Live Online, the sports betting game exploded on social media and everyone suddenly grew interested in playing the game.


In Sabong Live Online, the betting system is really easy, all you have to do is choose one between the two gamecocks (fighting roosters) that you think has the most chance of getting the victory. These fighters are labeled as Meron and Wala. Basically, Meron is the favored fighter, they are the favorites to win the game, and Wala, the underdog. You could win money with both choices, but if you bet on Wala and they end up winning the fight, you’ll get a larger victory money since they are the underdog of the match.

These Sabong Live Online fights can be accessed through one of the most popular up-and-coming Sabong Live Online websites in the country, They are 100% legit and safe so if I were you, I’d pull up to the website right now and create my account so I could start winning. Look out for promos and surprises from, your one-stop website for all the Sabong Live Online fights. See you there!

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